got this off #christianvanvurren new show on MTV #sick … teevo that shit!

editing shoot for newest label…

…cant wait to get all 250 of them and go thru the editing!

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Anyone else know people this song is talking about? crazybitches!

Best Ever. Mix of Sebastian Tellier and Metronomy. What more can you ask for :)


vanishing elephant starts girls label. bring the tom back xx

I can not handle this guy. Dream.

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Rollies…not the cigarettes

Female Rollers>

Male Rollers>

Rollies are a brand new Melbourne designed footwear label that are selling out of indie scenarios all over the city.

95% of the people who are trying them on, buy them; the other 5% either come back for them or order online because theÿ “can’t decide which colour they like the best”. Its truly taking off in the Aussie world and will be spreading like wildfire within the coming months.

Definitely snatch up a pair of these bad ass bitches before they are so rad they can charge $5000.


go steal some shit

Stolen Girlfriends Club… go steal some shit.

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Celebs in mu


Beautiful freespirited friend from the past in LA, Cammy Hebert, started the clothing line Show Me Your Mumu years ago because it was simple, cute, and comfy. It’s since exploded all over the world like a massive orgasm, and we just can’t get enough.




#getintoit www.showmeyourmumu.com xX


Complot Fall ‘12

wildfox summer ‘12

planet blue <3 <3 <3 

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Luckiest girl makes luckiest DJ

So as some of you may know, my bestfriend - soulmate - crazy partner in crime - whatever you want to call it was and is Scott Russo. Most of you may know Scott from his number one songs as leadsinger and songwriter of Unwritten Law, one of the original California Punk Bands preceding and even birthing Blink 182. 

This song was my going away present when I moved back down under to be with all you crazy Aussies.. and now its being taken to the next level- seriously remixed.

This competition is for Aussies and Americans alike to remix the shit out of the song and make it funkier, faster, weirder and whateverer. To enter email samantha@shineagency.net.au to receive song files.

This competition is through the end of March and the winner will get their song published on numerous Music Sites, as well as played by the Australian Legends- The Nervo Twins at an event here in the coming weeks… Standbye for specifics but get this party started and mix away. 

All finished mixes must be sent to samantha@shineagency.net.au before March 29.


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Groupie Life

These boys are my Cali highschool teens. Found them in San Diego when Scott Russo of Unwritten Law introduced me to them, took them under his wing, produced their first few songs, and we opened their eyes to the crazy world we knew and loved- the LA music lifestyle…Oops. 

The boys have since played a few shows at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard (can’t say I remember much of that night but I know they rocked the shit out of the place), as well as the Whisky A Go Go. Are you kidding me? They weren’t even 18!

Alex Perez, the bad boy and my personal sake bombing partner, is the hot Johnny Depp looking Mexi with a lip ring and long black hair. With the voice of an angel his looks are deceiving as he literally melts your heart away. Te quiero.

Austin Steele- the modern day Elvis Presley and absolute heart-throb has the more unusual voice that will stay with you like Ian Curtis… forever. Such a nug.

Josh McNeal is the Chris Brown of his time with the lyrical ability of Lil Wayne. His soft sexy mulato complexion combined with his light eyes make you wonder if you would ever come back once you go black. ;)

I have found the hot, sexy, un-gay Jonas Brothers. Enjoy babies :)


Happy Vday with Aussie’s cutest little model turned designer - Jess Hart xX


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