cool shit


got this off #christianvanvurren new show on MTV #sick … teevo that shit!

editing shoot for newest label…

…cant wait to get all 250 of them and go thru the editing!

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Anyone else know people this song is talking about? crazybitches!

Best Ever. Mix of Sebastian Tellier and Metronomy. What more can you ask for :)

… but your brothers a bit more in reach… LA, im comin back…

james, you will always be my baby….


vanishing elephant starts girls label. bring the tom back xx

I can not handle this guy. Dream.

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The sex that is Erin Wasson.


Happy Song :)

Happy long weekend my aussies :)

Happy long weekend my aussies :)

Rollies…not the cigarettes

Female Rollers>

Male Rollers>

Rollies are a brand new Melbourne designed footwear label that are selling out of indie scenarios all over the city.

95% of the people who are trying them on, buy them; the other 5% either come back for them or order online because theÿ “can’t decide which colour they like the best”. Its truly taking off in the Aussie world and will be spreading like wildfire within the coming months.

Definitely snatch up a pair of these bad ass bitches before they are so rad they can charge $5000.

go steal some shit

Stolen Girlfriends Club… go steal some shit.

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